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About Desert Growing

From greenhouses and process automation to screens and systems for irrigation, renewable energy, cooling and heating.

Desert Growing is a cooperation of leading Dutch and Saudi horticultural companies with over 30 years over experience. Based on Dutch and Saudi knowledge and technology, combined with the specific production needs in the Middle East. Desert Growing delivers turnkey greenhouse concepts for the entire Middle East.

From greenhouses and process automation to screens and systems for irrigation, renewable energy, cooling and heating. We supply horticultural entrepreneurs with all components for their greenhouses. In addition, we provide training and local service to get the best out of our systems. The aim is to help customers to achieve high quality production with maximum crop yields.

What we do?

Customized turnkey greenhouse projects in the Middle East

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Desert Growing is your partner for

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Who we are?

We are Desert Growing

Together, we create smart turnkey greenhouse projects in the Middle East.
From design to implementation to creating value.

Glass greenhouse production

Glass greenhouse production

Saudi Greenhouse Management Group
Greenhouse constructor

Greenhouse constructor

Prins Group
Horticultural installations

Horticultural installations

Vegetable breeding company

Vegetable breeding company

Rijk Zwaan
Greenhouse automation supplier

Greenhouse automation supplier

Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Saudi Greenhouses Management and Agri Marketing Co.

Saudi Greenhouses operates high-tech greenhouses in Saudi Arabia for more than 28 years. As the Desert Growing regional member and main contact, Saudi Greenhouses brings in its extensive knowledge of the specific climatic conditions in the Middle-East. With wide-ranging know-how on water and energy savings, optimal greenhouse concepts for the Middle-East challenging climate and fresh produce marketing expertise, Saudi Greenhouses is the ideal partner for greenhouse management, advisory, training, feasibility studies and marketing support. Structure-wise, the company is experienced in the building and operations of closed, semi-closed and Venlo greenhouses as well as polycarbonate greenhouses for all types of vegetables.

Prins Group

Prins Group is a greenhouse constructor with over 75 years of experience. Various types of greenhouses can be delivered, depending on the needs of your company. Glass and foil greenhouses with different kinds of roofs, different climate systems, and many more different kind of installations to create a whole turnkey project. Both production and engineering are in-house. Therefore, they are able to react on different situations and developments quickly and efficient. Prins Group has the knowledge and experience to realize horticultural projects in different climatic zones and is thus active in over 40 countries worldwide.


Stolze is a specialist with over 45 years of experience in installing irrigation, automation, heating and high pressure fog installations for horticultural businesses. All these different disciplines have to be mutually aligned in the right way to ensure the most optimal installation. Since every business is unique, every installation is customized to the specific needs of your company. With new and innovative products, Stolze makes it easier to comply with environmental legislation and makes it possible to use water and energy as efficient as possible.

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is a Dutch family-owned vegetable breeding company. Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sells the seeds produced from them. Rijk Zwaan has more than 1,000 varieties in its assortment, across 25 different vegetable crops. Rijk Zwaan employs around 2,500 people and they are the company’s most important asset. The company culture is centred on involvement, team work and loyalty.

Local contact
Al Jammaz
P.O. Box 4310
Riyadh 11491 Saudi Arabia
+966 1477 6700

Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Hoogendoorn Growth Management has almost 50 years of experience in horticultural automation. As innovative supplier of process automation systems, Hoogendoorn delivers climate computers, different kinds of sensors, irrigation and food and labor registration systems. With these sustainable products costs and risks are being reduced as well as the use of energy, water, fertilizers and chemicals. Moreover, an optimal climate for your crop is being created. Due to this, crop yields increases. For this, Hoogendoorn uses the latest techniques and horticultural insights.

We supply horticultural entrepreneurs with
all components for their greenhouses

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Corporate social responsibility

Desert Growing takes responsibility for the effect of its company activities on the environment and people. We consider the core values planet, people and profit to be very important and embed them into our processes. Along these lines we share knowledge via training and deliver agro sustainable and profitable solutions to the Middle-East. Our products help to increase crop productivity while using a minimum of energy, water and nutrients. With corporate social responsibility, we commit to a better society.

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